Yorkshire Regiment War Graves, -
Brenchley (All Saints) Churchyard

Brenchley (All Saints) Churchyard contains 9 graves from both World Wars, - 7 burials from the First World War and 2 from the Second.

One soldier of the Yorkshire Regiment is buried in this cemetery.

Lieutenant Colonel Charles Edward Terry
Photo by permission of Geoffrey Gillon.

Lieutenant Colonel Charles Edward Terry. The Yorkshire Regiment. Died at home 11 February 1920. Aged 53.

The following research on Lt. Col Terry by Richard Roberts (<richard.nsw@googlemail.com>), together with information from the official history of the regiment in the First World War by Colonel H C Wylly, throws a bit of light into the background of the above soldier;-

Born at Fulham, London, on 19 August 1866, the son of William and Susan Eliza Terry.
In the 1881 Census was a boarder at Harrow School.
5 August 1855, - Lieutenant in the 3rd Battalion Oxfordshire Light Infantry (a Militia battalion).
18 September 1886, - Lieutenant in the 3rd & 4th Battalions the King's (Liverpool Regiment). - also a Militia battalion.
Married Ada Constance Randall in Q3 1888.
In the 1911 Census, he is shown as living at "The Firs", Brenchley (Kent) as a gentleman of private means. He was married to Ada Constance. There were 5 domestic servants in the household.

Charles Edward Terry joined the 2nd/5th Territorial Battalion Yorkshire Regiment at the outbreak of war (as a Major).
In 1915 he was seconded to the 24th Provisional Battalion Yorkshire Regiment, which became the 18th (Home Service) Battalion Yorkshire Regiment. Charles Edward Terry was in temporary command of this Battalion, for 3 months, in 1916.
In late 1916 he was in temporary charge of the 2nd/4th Territorial Battalion.
In early 1919 Battalion Major Terry was in command of the 18th (Home Service) Battalion, with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. In August 1919 the 18th Battalion ceased to exist.

An obituary of Charles Edward Terry can be found in the Sussex History Forum website.

Lieutenant Colonel Charles Edward TerryPhoto by permission of Geoffrey Gillon.

All Saints' Church, Brenchley.All Saints' Church, Brenchley.
Photo by permission of Geoffrey Gillon.

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