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Shorncliffe Military Cemetery

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Shorncliffe Military Cemetery Shorncliffe Military Cemetery
Photo : Commonwealth War Graves Commission

During the First World War a number of Canadian military establishments were centred on Shorncliffe. There were camps and a Machine Gun School which were served by the Shorncliffe Military Hospital (later No. 9 Canadian General), the Moore Barracks Military Hospital (later No. 11 Canadian General), and other Canadian hospitals. The Canadian Army Medical Corps Training Depot was at or near Shorncliffe during almost the whole of the war. On three occasions Canadian soldiers were killed during air raids on Shorncliffe.

Shorncliffe Military Cemetery contains 471 First World War burials, more than 300 of them Canadian. Second World War burials number 81, including 1 unidentified U.K. soldier and 1 Polish Foreign National. The cemetery also contains a screen wall on which are commemorated 18 Belgians originally buried in a mausoleum, now demolished.

Three soldiers who served with the Yorkshire Regiment are buried in the cemetery. One of these soldiers was aged 60 at the time of death.

Photographs of the headstones are by Brad Evans of the Find a Grave website. To view a larger version of a photo which opens in a new window, select the thumbnail image.

Serjeant Joseph Henry Lanagan. 3/9295
  Serjeant Joseph Henry Lanagan. 3/9295.
6th Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment. Son of Joseph Lanagan. Died at home 11 May 1915. Aged 60.
Born Tynemouth, Enlisted Colchester.


Private John George Mason. 13516.
Private John George Mason. 13516.
6th Battalion Yorkshire Regiment. Husband of Annie Mason, of 28, Jersey St., West Hartlepool. Died at home 31 May 1917. Aged 47.
Born Sunderland, Enlisted West Hartlepool, Resided 28 Jersey Street, West Hartlepool.

Private Benjamin Wheetman. 19378.
Private Benjamin Wheetman. 19378.
8th Battalion Yorkshire Regiment. Died at home 14 April 1915. Aged 32.
Born Idle (Yorks), Enlisted West Hartlepool, Resided 31 Garibaldi Street, West Hartlepool.

(Name spelled as "Wheatman" in SDGW, but "Wheetman" in the CWGC register and in the 1911 Census.)

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