Remembrance - The Yorkshire Regiment, First World War
Sergeant, later Major,
Frank Leonard ALLEN

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For a larger sized image, click on the thumbnail image. Close the window that opens to return to this page. (Photo is from that of Soldiers of the Second Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment, photographed 1919)

Sergeant, later Major, Frank Leonard ALLEN

Frank Allen's son, Bernard (<>) has identified his father in the group photo of soldiers of the 2nd Battalion who served throughout the First World War.

The following information on Frank Allen is taken from M L Ferrar's "Officers of the Green Howards";-

Born 29 July 1895.
In ranks 11 years, 60 days. WO Class 2, 8 years 270 days. WO Class 1, 2 years 38 days.
Lieutenant (QM) 15 August 1936. Captain, October 1942. Major, October 1944.
Retired June 1946.

First World War, France and Belgium 23 November to 29 November 1914; 29 March 1915 to 20 June 1915; 10 May 1917 to 21 November 1917 (wounded).
1914 Bronze Star; Silver and Bronze medals.
Palestine operations 1938-9 Medal and Clasp.
King George V Jubilee Medal. King George VI Coronation Medal.
Served Second World War. Western Desert, Italy, NW Europe, 1939-1945 Star; Africa Star (8th Army); Italy Star; France and Germany Star; Defence Medal; War Medal; LS & GC Medal.
Served with Egyptian Army, 1920-1921.

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