Captain George Hutton BOWES-WILSON
Remembrance - The Yorkshire Regiment, First World War
Captain George Hutton

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Captain George Hutton BOWES-WILSON

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Captain George Hutton BOWES-WILSON.

4th Battalion Yorkshire Regiment. Son of Thomas Bowes-Wilson, of Enterpen Hall, Hutton Rudby, Yorks; husband of N. Dulcie Bowes-Wilson, of 30, John Street, Bedford Row, London. Killed 17 June 1915.

The photo is of a painting of George Hutton Bowes-Wilson by Frank Kewley, and hangs in the Town Hall, Middlesbrough. George Hutton Bowes-Wilson was a Councillor for Middlesbrough before the First World War. We are very grateful to Bolckow for the photo of the painting.

The following biographical notes on George Hutton Bowes-Wilson are taken from Robert Coulson's biographies of Officers of the Yorkshire Regiment;-
"George Bowes-Wilson was born in Newcastle on April 26th 1877.
He was educated at Clifton College and New College at Oxford and then followed a legal career in Middlesbrough.
George Bowes-Wilson was a Middlesbrough Councillor and pre-war territorial soldier with the 4th Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment. He sailed with the battalion to France, landing in Boulogne on April 18th 1915. They were soon into the bitter fighting of the 2nd Battle of Ypres around the village of St Julien in late April. He was commended for his work in late May when the battalion came under a heavy gas attack on the Menin Road at Hooge.
“Captain Bowes-Wilson though he did not go to hospital was in a terrible state”.
Captain George Hutton Bowes-Wilson was killed by a German sniper some two weeks later on June 17th 1915, aged 38, in Sanctuary Wood near Hooge.
A friend of Gertrude Bell wrote in a letter to her father Sir Hugh Bell of Captain Bowes-Wilson;-
“I have had word from Maurice tonight, he says that George Bowes-Wilson is killed, a most gallant and competent officer”.

Captain Bowes-Wilson is also remembered on Middlesbrough War Memorial at Albert Park and his name was also listed on a memorial tablet in the reading room of the Cleveland Club in Middlesbrough.
He was the son of Thomas and Maria Bowes-Wilson of Enterpen Hall, Hutton Rudby near Middlesbrough and husband of Dulcie Bowes-Wilson of Bedford Row in London.
His brother Lt Col John Hutton Bowes-Wilson was killed in 1917 with the West Riding Regiment."

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