Private Walter Henry EVETTS. 13401
Remembrance - The Yorkshire Regiment, First World War
Private Walter Henry EVETTS.
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Private Walter Henry EVETTS. 13401

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Private Walter Henry Evetts. 13401. 8th Battalion Yorkshire Regiment. Died 24 March 1916.
Born Middlesbrough, Enlisted Middlesbrough, Resided South Bank.

Ellie Chamberlain, a great-niece of Walter Evetts, has kindly forwarded his photo. She has also provided the information that Walter Evetts was one of 9 children (being the second youngest and her grandfather being the youngest) He was just turned 23 when he died. She believes that he died with a couple of other soldiers in a rifle grenade attack.

From the 8th Battalion War Diary, the battalion were in trenches near Hersin in March 1916. The War Diary mentions regular exchanges of mortar, rifle grenade and artillery fire between the opposing lines. On 24 March it was reported that two men were killed and three wounded when hit by a rifle grenade at 5.00 p.m.


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