Lieutenant Harold FIRTH.
Remembrance - The Yorkshire Regiment, First World War
Lieutenant Harold FIRTH
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Lieutenant Harold FIRTH.

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Lieutenant Harold FIRTH.

6th Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment.
Son of Luther Firth, of Keighley, Yorks; husband of Dorothy Firth (nee Cartlidge), of Walsall.
Killed 9 October 1917.

(Photo and information - below - provided by Graeme Clark, <>. The photo was published in The Keighlian Magazine, Keighley Boys Grammar School.)

Harold enlisted in the Army at the outbreak of war and received his training at Harrow, Cramlington, Newcastle and Rugeley and was then placed in charge of a Coast Defence Station on the Holderness Coast. He received a commission, being gazetted to the Yorkshire Regiment in April 1915 as a Second Lieutenant. He was promoted to Lieutenant in August 1917 and at the time of his death he was Acting Captain.

A fuller biography of Lieutenant Firth can be found in a digitaly archived copy of the Keighlian Magazine..

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