Private Aaron GREEN, 18438
Remembrance - The Yorkshire Regiment, First World War
Private Aaron GREEN. 18438
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Private Aaron GREEN, 18438

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Private Aaron GREEN, 18438

6th Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment, formerly 19201 K O Y L I. Brother of Colin Green, of 9, Smith St., Chapeltown, Sheffield. Native of Greystones, Sheffield. Killed 11 November 1915. Aged 20.
Born Eccleshall (Sheffield), Enlisted Chapeltown (Sheffield).

The photo of Private Aaron Green was provided by Veronica Boxford-Brookes (<>), who provided some additional biographical information on Private Green.

Veronica Boxford-Brookes joined a Battlefields Tour of the Gallipoli peninsula that was organised by Battle Honours.
This visit to the Gallipoli peninsula was made in May 2023, and a description of the tour, - together with additional biographical information on Aaron Green, is attached. The description of the visit is accompanied by several photographs.

Aaron Green was the Son of Mr Alfred Ernest and Mrs Harriet Green of Greystones, Sheffield. He had older siblings: Florence, Priscilla and Maurice and younger siblings: Hilda, Colin and Elizabeth.
Aaron was born around 1896.
In 1911 he was living with my Grandfather and Grandmother, Mr Herbert Horace and Mrs Annie Birks, of Chapeltown, near Sheffield. He was apprenticed to Herbert Horace as a trainee Cast Iron Pipe Moulder and worked for Newton Chambers, which was a well known local firm in the vicinity.
Sadly Aaron was killed on 11th November 1915. Aaron has always been seen by us as our Grandparent’s “adoptive son”. This is how we understood he was always thought of. We knew he belonged to another Birth Family, yet we have always held him dear and remembered him as Granny’s “adoptive son”, even though, sadly, we never got to meet him.
One of my older Uncles, Mr. Ralph Birks, was able to remember meeting him when Aaron came home on leave, even though Ralph was very young at the time – he helped him do up his “puttees”.
A poignant memory.
It was his Brother Colin who, we understand, commissioned the wording on Aaron’s headstone at Hill 10 Cemetery, Suvla Bay.

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