Lieutenant Frank Cooper LEDGARD
Remembrance - The Yorkshire Regiment, First World War
Lieutenant Frank Cooper LEDGARD
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Lieutenant Frank Cooper LEDGARD

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Lieutenant Frank Cooper LEDGARD

2nd Battalion Yorkshire Regiment. Son of Armitage and Helen Ledgard, of The Manor House, Thorner, Leeds. Killed 23 October 1914. Aged 23.

Born at Scarcroft, Leeds, 15th October, 1891, son of Armitage and Helen Ledgard, of The Manor House, Thorner, Leeds.
2nd Lieut., 25th March, 1911 ; Lieut.. 27th October, 1913.
Proceeded to Belgium with 2nd Battn. in October. 1914.
Killed in action near Ypres, 23rd October, 1914. He was in charge of the machine gun detachment of the battalion.
"Another very brave man was Lieutenant Ledgard, who has relatives in Leeds. On the day of a big German attack in October, be was in command of the two machine guns. Operating against us were eight machine guns and some artillery, and every few minutes he had to change the position of the guns. Backwards and forwards along the trenches, from one position to another, he was running with the heavy machine gun on his shoulder, and perspiration streaming down his face. Man after man in his section was hit as they mowed down the German infantry, and eventually all were out of action except Lieut Ledgard and Private Norfolk. Almost at nightfall the officer was hit by a shell, and he died a great hero in the eyes of every Green Howard " (Yorkshire Post).

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