CSM John George Morley
Remembrance - The Yorkshire Regiment, First World War
CSM John George MORLEY. 200428
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CSM John George Morley

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CSM John George MORLEY, 200428

John George Morley was born in 1887.
He had joined the TA before the outbreak of the War, and enlisted in the 4th Battalion Yorkshire Regiment on 4th September 1914.
He did not leave for the Front until July 1917, possibly because as a CSM he would have had responsibility for training new soldiers.
In May 1918 he was captured by the Germans, and interned in Crossen am den Oder.
At the end of the War he was repatriated, but spent much time in hospitals.
He died in Stockton-on-Tees in 1963.

For a very full account of his life and military career, select the link below. (NB. This is a 1 Mb PDF format file). We are extremely grateful to Graham Morley (<grmorley@hgbmotorcycles.co.uk>) for providing the photographs and for the research into the life and career of his grandfather, CSM Morley.

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