Captain Norman Percy SHEPHERD-TURNEHAM
Remembrance - The Yorkshire Regiment, First World War
Captain Norman Percy

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Captain Norman Percy SHEPHERD-TURNEHAM

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Captain Norman Percy SHEPHERD-TURNEHAM.

6th Battalion Yorkshire Regiment. Killed 28 September 1916
Commemorated on Pier and Face 3A and 3D, THIEPVAL MEMORIAL.

The following biographical information on Captain Shepherd-Turneham is given on the Abingdon School website, who have kindly allowed us to use it on the Yorkshire Regiment Remembrance website.
Born 19 June 1878. Father EL Shepherd Esq, The Park, Abingdon.
Attended Abingdon School 1889 to 1894. Guys Hospital Dental School 1897 to 1901,

On leaving Roysse’s [Abingdon] School in 1894 – (his contemporaries will remember him as Percy Shepherd) – he was articled to his cousin Mr JH Badcock, MRCS, LRCP, Dentist, of 140 Harley Street W, and proceeded to Guy’s Hospital where he qualified as a Dental Surgeon.

He continued in the profession until the autumn of 1914 when he volunteered for Army Service and received his commission as Lieutenant in the 6th Battalion, Yorkshire Regiment. He went with his Battalion to the Dardanelles in September 1915 and was there until the evacuation in which his battalion was one of the last to leave.

After spending some time in Mudros, his battalion went to Egypt and from there direct to France. He was now a Captain commanding a Company. On September 28th 1916, after successfully leading his company in an attack on German trenches near Thiepval he was instantaneously killed by a high-explosive shell while writing his report on the steps of a German dug-out. His CO wrote of him: “He will be greatly missed by all the officers and men as he was so popular with them. I shall very much feel his loss as he was one of my most capable Company Commanders and a man I could always rely on, besides personally being a great friend of mine.”

Percy Shepherd was a keen Association Football player. He played for the school and afterwards in London for Guy’s Hospital, the United Hospitals and the Crouch End Vampires. He was afterwards Captain of the Hastings Football Club for some years.

The photo has been taken from the Abingdon School website, who have kindly allowed us to use it on the Yorkshire Regiment Remembrance website.

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