Private James Richard STEVENSON, MM.
Remembrance - The Yorkshire Regiment, First World War
Private James Richard STEVENSON, MM.
240615 (formerly 2234)

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Private James Richard STEVENSON, MM.

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Private Stevenson was the oldest surviving serving soldier of the Yorkshire Regiment.

James Richard Stevenson was born on 14 May 1895, and died on 26 May 1996.
He joined the 5th Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment in Scarborough on 11 September 1914, aged 19.
The 5th Battalion embarked for France on 15 April 1915 as part of the 50th Northumbrian Division.
On 24 April 1915 the 5th Battalion were in action at the Battle of St. Julien. In the battle, 1 Officer and 23 men were killed, and 106 NCOs and men were wounded.

Private James Stevenson saw action in most of the major engagements involving the 5th Battalion. He was wounded 3 times and gassed once.
He earned the Military Medal at Martinpuich during the Somme Battles of 1916 for delivering messages under fire.

He was finally taken prisoner during the massive German offensive along the Chemin des Dames in 1918.

On being freed he was hospitalised in Hammersmith, before being demobbed on 30 April 1919.

In the Second World War he served with the 8th Battalion the Green Howards, where he was posted to RAF Linton on Ouse.

The above information is taken from the April 2017 edition of "The Green Howard" by Mark Marsay, his grandson.
Additionally, Mark Marsay is the author of "Baptism of Fire", published by Great Northern Publishing, which tells the story of the 5th Battalion at the Battle of St. Julien, and provides further information on Private James Richard Stevenson.

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