2nd Lieutenant Tom Dalrymple STRATHERN
Remembrance - The Yorkshire Regiment, First World War
2nd Lieutenant Tom Dalrymple STRATHERN

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2nd Lieutenant Tom Dalrymple STRATHERN

2nd Lieutenant Tom Dalrymple STRATHERN
Photo : Imperial War Museum Collection

2nd Lieutenant Tom Dalrymple STRATHERN.

3rd Battalion, attached to 2nd Battalion Yorkshire Regiment. Son of William and Margaret Strathern, of "Wairnata," Eskdale, Cumberland. Killed 8 July 1916. Aged 28.
Commemorated on Pier and Face 3A & 3D, THIEPVAL MEMORIAL.

The following comments are from Robert Coulson's Biographies of Officers of the Yorkshire Regiment;-
"Tom Strathern was born on November 26th 1887 at Whitehaven in Cumbria.
He was commissioned on December 9th 1915 from the Inns of Court Officer Training Corps and joined with the 2nd Battalion at Corbie on June 21st 1916 where they were preparing for the Somme offensive.
On July 1st at 7-30am the battalion attacked the German held village of Montauban suffering heavy casualties as they crossed no man’s land.
After a brief rest 2nd Lt Strathern and his men were in action again on July 6th at Trones Wood and two days later went in at 7-15am for an attack on Bernafay Wood where heavy fighting was experienced off and on all day.
2nd Lt Tom Dalrymple Strathern was killed in this action at Bernafay Wood on July 8th 1916 at the age of 28."


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