Remembrance - The Yorkshire Regiment, First World War
The Roll of Honour

In the First World War, the Yorkshire Regiment raised 24 Battalions. 65,000 men served in these Battalions. And of these 65,000 men, over 9,200 died (*) and 24,000 were wounded.

The full Roll of Honour, - names, ranks, regimental numbers (where applicable), date of death and age at death, can be dowloaded as a PDF file by selecting the appropriate link below.
Of the 9,000+ names on the Roll of Honour, 440 are those of Officers and the remainder Warrant Officers, NCOs, and men.
13 of the names are aliases; in these cases the family (true) name has been given as well as the alias.

Roll of Honour (Full)

If you see a name that you are interested in on the Roll of Honour then you can find out further details of that name by searching the on-line database on this website. Details available may include further information on the soldier's family, where he came from, and where he is commemorated or buried, - possibly also including photographs of the commemoration and/or grave.

(*) The Roll of Honour which is kept in the parish church in Richmond, North Yorkshire, records the names of 7,500 names of men who lost their lives. This has previously been the accepted number of those who lost their lives. The figure of 7,500 is quoted in the official history of the regiment.

However, the church Roll of Honour does not include a number of men who died at home, or who served in battalions such as the 16th, and does not include soldiers who were originally in the Yorkshire Regiment but who were transferred to other regiments.
By taking ALL those who served with the Yorkshire Regiment into consideration, the total number of lives lost is now seen to be over 9,200.

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