Remembrance - The Yorkshire Regiment, First World War
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If you are looking for a soldier's name to see whether this website carries any information on him, then this page can be your starting point. By entering your search data, below, you may access the database of names held on this website.
The data returned will give you the soldier's name, his rank, when he died, his age, and the memorial(s) or grave where he is commemorated

The memorial(s) or grave associated with a name are linked to the page on this website which provides further information, - including photographs of the memorial(s) and/or grave. Simply select the link to be taken to the appropriate page.

Of the 65,000 soldiers who served in the Yorkshire Regiment in the First World War, over 9,200 lost their lives.

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Thus, if searching for "Barraclough", you could enter "Bar", "Barra" or "Barraclough".

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