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With so many additions of War Memorials, Rolls of Honour, and War Graves now being submitted to this website, this page has been set up so that visitors can keep track of new pages.

Recent additions to the site, with their date and the name of the person submitting them, will be tabulated below.

New Page (War Grave, War Memorial, Roll of Honour etc.)
Submitted by
17 November 2017 War Memorial, - Gleadless (Sheffield), Ranmoor (Sheffield), Chapeltown (Sheffield) Richard Roberts
16 November 2017 War Memorial, - Whittle-le-Woods and Clayton (Lancs) Richard Roberts
14 November 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Magnaboschi British Cemetery, Boscon British Cemetery Richard Roberts
13 November 2017 War Memorial, - Thursford (Norfolk), - St. Andrew's Church Peter Clarke
8 November 2017 War Memorial Overseas, - Malbork Memorial / Lidzbark Warminski War Cemetery Edward Nicholl
6 November 2017 War Memorials, - Hathersage (Derbyshire), Parish Church, Penygraig (Rhondda) Richard Roberts
5 November 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Varennes Military Cemetery, Villers-Faucon Community Cemetery Extension, Warloy-Baillon Communal Cemetery Extension Chris Cosgrove
4 November 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Sailly-Saillisel British Cemetery, Sailly-Labourse Communal Cemetery, Sailly-Labourse Communal Cemetery Extension Chris Cosgrove
3 November 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Royal Irish Rifles Graveyard (Laventie), Ruyaulcourt Military Cemetery (additions) Chris Cosgrove
2 November 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Quarry Cemetery (Marquion) Chris Cosgrove
31 October 2017 War Graves Overseas, - La Neuville Communal Cemetery, Corbie, Point 110 New Military Cemetery (Fricourt), Point 110 Old Military Cemetery (Fricourt) Chris Cosgrove
30 October 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Heninel-Croisilles Road Cemetery, Hersin Communal Cemetery Extension (addition), Kemmel Chateau Military Cemetery (addition), La Neuville British Cemetery, Corbie Chris Cosgrove
28 October 2017 War Graves, - Stamford Bridge (St. John the Baptist) Churchyard Wayne Bywater
27 October 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Heilly Station Cemetery Chris Cosgrove
26 October 2017 War Graves, - Scarborough (Manor Road) Cemetery - addition, Marfleet (St. Giles) Churchyard. Wayne Bywater
24 October 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Hangard Communal Cemetery Extension
War Graves, - Cawood Cemetery, Tickton (St. Paul) Churchyard
Chris Cosgrove
Wayne Bywater
23 October 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Gonnehem British Cemetery, Grove Town Cemetery (Meaulte) Chris Cosgrove
22 October 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Fins New British Cemetery (Sorel-le-Grand) Chris Cosgrove
21 October 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Combles Communal Cemetery Extension, Contay British Cemetery (Contay), Delville Wood Cemetery (Longueval) - additions, Dive Copse British Cemetery (Sailly-le-Sec), Divion Communal Cemetery, Douchy-les-Ayette British Cemetery Chris Cosgrove
20 October 2017 War Memorial, - Exmouth Richard Roberts
19 October 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Bronfay Farm Military Cemetery (Bray-sur-Somme), Chocques Military Cemetery (addiition), Chris Cosgrove
17 October 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Avesnes-le-Comte Communal Cemetery Extension, Barlin Communal Cemetery Extension, Barly French Military Cemetery, Bray Military Cemetery Chris Cosgrove
16 October 2017 War Graves Overseas, - A.I.F. Burial Ground (Flers), Allonville Communal Cemetery
Aubigny Communal Cemetery Extension
Chris Cosgrove
12 October 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Delville Wood Cemetery (Longueval), Queant Road Cemetery (Buissy), Cambrin Churchyard Extension, Cambrin Military Cemetery (additions) Richard Roberts
10 October 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Pargny British Cemetery, Delsaux Farm Cemetery (Beugny), Hermies Hill British Cemetery (Addition), Bertincourt Chateau British Cemetery,
Rocquigny-Equancourt Road British Cemetery (Additions & Revision)
Richard Roberts
9 October 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Bulls Road Cemetery (Flers), Bellicourt British Cemetery (addition) Richard Roberts
8 October 2017 War Graves Overseas, - La Chapelette British and India Cemetery (addition), Chapelle British Cemetery (Holnon)
War Graves, - Middlesbrough (Linthorpe) Cemetery, additions
Richard Roberts

Edward Nicholl
7 October 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Ennemain Communal Cemetery Extension, Doingt Communal Cemetery Extension Richard Roberts
6 October 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Chauny Communal Cemetery British Extension (addition), Vailly British Cemetery (Vailly-sur-Aisne), Ham British Cemetery, Muille-Villette Richard Roberts
5 October 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Guards' Cemetery - Combles (addition), Peronne Communal Cemetery Extension, Savy British Cemetery, Richard Roberts
4 October 2017 War Graves, - Castleford New Cemetery
War Graves Overseas, - Bazentin-le-Petit Communal Cemetery Extension (addition),
Guillemont Road Cemetery - Guillemont (addition), Bouvincourt Communal Cemetery
Wayne Bywater
Richard Roberts
3 October 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Dernancourt Communal Cemetey Extension (addition), Senlis Communal Cemetery Extension, Albert Communal Cemetery Extension, Bouzincourt Ridge Cemetery - Albert
War Memorial, - Carperby
Richard Roberts

Edward Nicholl
1 October 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Dartmoor Cemetery (Revised). Corbie Communal Cemetery Extension (addition) Edward Nicholl / Richard Roberts
30 September 2017 War Memorial, - Newton (Hyde - Greater Manchester) St. Mary's Church
War Graves Overseas, - Queens Cemetery - Bucquoy, Adanac Military Cemetery (addition), Bapaume Post MIlitary Cemetery - Albert
Mike Berrell
Richard Roberts
29 September 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Hebuterne Military Cemetery, Bienvillers Military Cemetery, Bac-du-Sud British Cemetery - Bailleulval, Duisans British Cemetery (addition) Richard Roberts
28 September 2017 War Memorial, - Manchester Grammar School
War Graves Overseas, - Hawthorn Ridge Cemetery No 1 (Auchonvillers), Munich Trench British Cemetery, - Beaumont-Hamel
Mike Berrell
Richard Roberts
26 September 2017 War Graves Overseas, - St. Marie Cemetery, Le Havre Chris Weekes
25 September 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Tyne Cot Cemetery (additions & revision). Richard Roberts / Edward Nicholl
24 September 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Level Crossing Cemetery (Fampoux), Passchendaele New British Cemetery, Sunken Road Cemetery - Boisleux-St.Marc, Tigris Lane Cemetery - Wancourt Richard Roberts
23 September 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Thilloy Road Cemetery, Tilloy British Cemetery (addition), Achiet-le-Grand Communal Cemetery Extension (addition), Guards Cemetery Lesboeufs (addition), Richard Roberts
22 September 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Dadizele Communal Cemetery, Gomiecourt South Cemetery, Feuchy Chapel British Cemetery (addition), Richard Roberts
21 September 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Tournai Communal Cemetery Allied Extension, Esquelmes Churchyard, Herinnes Communal Cemetery, Mouscron (Moeskroen) Communal Cemetery Richard Roberts
20 September 2017 War Graves, - East Finchley Cemetery & St. Marylebone Crematorium, Hendon Cemetery and Crematorium, Islington Cemetery and Crematorium, Golders Green Crematorium Wayne Bywater
19 September 2017 War Graves, - Windhill Methodist Cemetery, Leeds (Armley) Cemetery Wayne Bywater
12 September 2017 War Memorial, - Dennington (Suffolk), addition
War Grave, - Bradford (Bowling) Cemetery, addition
Peter Clarke
Wayne Bywater
4 September 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Barenthal Military Cemetery Edward Nicholl
3 September 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Cavalletto British Cemetery, Granezza British Cemetery Edward Nicholl
1 September 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Etaples Military Cemetery (addition), Gorre British and Indian Cemetery (addition), Landrecies British Cemetery (addition), Le Grand Hasard Military Cemetery, Mendinghem Military Cemetery (addition) Chris Cosgrove
31 August 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Adanac Military Cemetery (addition), Brebieres British Cemetery, Busigny Communal Cemetery Extension (addition) Chris Cosgrove
26 August 2017 Chelsea In-Pensioner's Grave, - Brookwood Military Cemetery Richard Roberts
22 August 2017 War Memorial, - Laithkirk (Co. Durham) Dani Miles
13 August 2017 War Memorial, - Drinkstone (Suffolk) Green Howards Museum
12 August 2017 War Memorial, - Sunderland Book of Remembrance
War Grave, - New Malton Cemetery (addition)
Edward Nicholl
Richard Roberts
10 August 2017 War Graves Overseas, - St. Nicolas British Cemetery Chris Weekes
8 August 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Mont Huon Military Cemetery (additions), Neuville-Bourjonval British Cemetery Chris Weekes
7 August 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Corbie Communal Cemetery Extension, Gouy-en-Artois Communal Cemetery Extension Chris Weekes
6 August 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Cojeul British Cemetery (additions & modifications) Chris Weekes
5 August 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Canadian Cemetery No 2 (Neuville-St. Vaast) Chris Weekes
4 August 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Arras Road Cemetery (Roclincourt), Berles-Au-Bois Churchyard Extension, Brie British Cemetery (additions) Chris Weekes
3 August 2017 Soldier's Photo, - Captain Charles Sproxton
Soldier's Photo, - Captain John Vivian Nancarrow
Richard Roberts
Ian Stubbs
31 July 2017 Soldier's Photo, - Captain George Hutton Bowes-Wilson Ian Stubbs
30 July 2017 War Memorial, - Blackhall Colliery (Co. Durham) Edward Nicholl
27 July 2017 War Memorial (Battle Cross), - Green Howards Museum Steve Erskine
26 July 2016 War Memorials, - Wombwell (Barnsley), Wombwell Cemetery
War Grave, - Enfield (Lavender Hill) Cemetery - addition
Richard Roberts
25 July 2017 War Memorial, - Quebec (Co. Durham), Esh (Church of St. Michael & All Angels) Edward Nicholl
24 July 2017 War Grave, - Sledmere (St. Mary's) Churchyard, - updated
Soldiers' Photos, - Sir Mark Sykes, - updated
War Memorial, - Sledmere Cross (updated)
Edward Nicholl
22 July 2017 War Memorial, - Wombleton Peter Braithwaite
16 July 2017 War Memorials, - Ingham (Suffolk), Glinton (City of Peterborough), Glinton (City of Peterborough), - St Benedict's Church
War Grave, - Ingham (St. Bartholomew) Churchyard
Richard Roberts
15 July 2017 Individual Photo, - Captain Leonard James Yorke Yvonne Fenter
13 July 2017 War Memorial / Roll of Honour, - St. Hilda's Church, Danby (new photos added) Edward Nicholl
11 July 2017 War Memorial, - Huntingdon (Cambs) Richard Roberts
6 July 2017 War Memorial, - Badingham (Suffolk), - new /replacement photos Peter Clarke
3 July 2017 War Memorial, - Nottingham (Mansfield Road) - St. Andrew's Church Richard Roberts
2 July 2017 War Memorial, - Hutton Buscel - St. Matthew's Church, Harwood Dale - St. Margaret's Church Edward Nicholl
30 June 2017 War Memorial, - Bradshaw (Calderdale), Halifax (Calderdale) - Minster Church
War Memorial, - Pelsall (Walsall)
Edward Nicholl
Richard Roberts
28 June 2017 War Memorials, - Berwick-upon-Tweed, Linton (Scottish Borders), Kelso (Scottish Borders) Richard Roberts
26 June 2017 War Grave, - Southampton (Hollybrook) Cemetery - addition
War Memorial, - Kelsale-with-Carlton (Suffolk), - Church of St. Mary & St. Peter
Richard Roberts
24 June 2017 War Memorial Overseas, - Doiran Memorial (Greece) Richard Roberts
23 June 2017 War Memorials, - Lowestoft (Suffolk) - Addition, Lowestoft (Suffolk) - St. Margaret's Church
War Memorial Overseas, - Basra (Iraq)
Peter Clarke

Richard Roberts
17 June 2017 War Memorial Overseas, - Archangel Memorial Richard Roberts/ Pavel Kvartainikov
16 June 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Archangel Allied Cemetery Richard Roberts/ Pavel Kvartainikov
13 June 2017 War Memorial, - Hull (Blundell Spence Paint Works) Richard Roberts
11 June 2017 War Memorial, - Beaumont College (Berkshire) Richard Roberts
Richard Clarke
10 June 2017 War Memorials, - Dewsbury (Kirklees), Sheffield (Park Hill) - St. John's Church
Mount St. Mary's College (Derbyshire) - addition.
Richard Roberts
Richard Clarke
9 June 2017 War Memorial, - Batley Carr (Holy Trinity Church) Richard Roberts
5 June 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Leuze Communal Cemetery (addition) Pierre Vandervelden
30 May 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Prospect Hill Cemetery, Gouy, Roisin Communal Cemetery, Chris Cosgrove
29 May 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Outtersteene Communal Cemetery Extension (additions), Pommereuil British Cemetery, Premont British Cemetery, Premont Communal Cemetery Chris Cosgrove
28 May 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Lapugnoy Military Cemetery, London Rifle Brigade Cemetery Chris Cosgrove
27 May 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Hargicourt British Cemetery, Henin Communal Cemetery Extension Chris Cosgrove
26 May 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Guards Cemetery - Windy Corner (Cuinchy) Chris Cosgrove
25 May 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Beaurevoir Communal Cemetery British Extension, Buttes New British Cemetery (addition) Chris Cosgrove
24 May 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Private Henry Parker (Warlencourt British Cemetery)
War Graves Overseas, - Beaurevoir British Cemetery
Green Howards Museum
Chris Cosgrove
21 May 2017 War Memorial, - Spinkhill (Derbyshire), RC Churchyard Richard Roberts / Richard Clarke
20 May 2017 War Memorial, - Coatham (Christ Church), - Redcar & Cleveland Richard Roberts
15 May 2017 War Memorials, - Whitwood (Castleford) Cemetery, Upwey (Dorset) Richard Roberts
14 May 2017 War Grave, - Shipley (Nab Wood) Cemetery Edward Nicholl
13 May 2017 War Memorial, - High Spen (Gateshead) Richard Roberts
10 May 2017 War Grave, - Framlingham Cemetery Richard Roberts
9 May 2017 War Memorial, - Old Bolingbroke (Lincs) Richard Roberts
8 May 2017 War Memorial, - Gateshead Richard Roberts
6 May 2017 War Memorial, - Morley (Leeds) Richard Roberts
5 May 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Orival Wood Cemetery, Flesquieres (added to), St. Leger British Cemetery Chris Weekes
4 May 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Fifteen Ravine British Cemetery (additions), Mory Abbey Military Cemetery Chris Weekes
2 May 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Croisilles British Cemetery, Tilloy British Cemetery (revised), Faubourg d'Amiens Cemetery, - Arras (revised and added to). Chris Weekes
1 May 2017 War Memorial, - Swinefleet (East Yorks)
War Graves Overseas, - Beaurains Road Cemetery, Beaurains, Bucquoy Road Cemetery (addition), Cagnicourt British Cemetery
Richard Roberts
Chris Weekes
27 April 2017 War Memorial, - Blyth (Northumberland) Edward Nicholl
24 April 2017 War Memorial, - Seaton Delaval Edward Nicholl
23 April 2017 War Memorials, - St. Nicholas' Cathedral, Newcastle upon Tyne Richard Roberts
22 April 2017 War Memorial, - Nuneaton (Warwickshire) Richard Roberts
21 April 2017 War Memorials, - Pilning (Glos), Kingswood (Glos) Richard Roberts
17 April 2017 War Memorials, - Saddleworth (Oldham), Cramlington (Northumberland) Richard Roberts
16 April 2017 War Memorial, - Haxby (York) Richard Roberts
15 April 2017 War Memorial, - Colchester Richard Roberts
14 April 2017 War Memorial, - Silksworth (Sunderland) Richard Roberts
13 April 2017 War Memorial, - Osmotherley - St. Peter's Church Edward Nicholl
10 April 2017 Soldier's Photo, - Private James Richard Stevenson, MM
Soldiers' Photos (Yarm), - Private P Cartmell, 2nd Lieutenant Robert Wilford
Edward Nicholl
Richard Roberts
8 April 2017 War Memorials, - Consett (Co. Durham), Yarm Methodist Church Richard Roberts
7 April 2017 War Memorial, - Nafferton (East Yorks)
War Grave (commemoration), - Yarm Cemetery
Richard Roberts
4 April 2017 War Memorial, - Wansford (East Yorks) - St. Mary's Church Richard Roberts
2 April 2017 War Memorial, - Ilford (Redbridge) - War Memorial Hall, Ilford (St. John's Church), Wanstead (Greater London) - Cricket Club, Barkingside (Redbridge) - Holy Trinity Church Richard Roberts
1 April 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Reninghelst Churchyard Extension, Reninghelst New Military Cemetery, Track X Cemetery
War Memorial Overseas, - Vis-en-Artois (photos added)
Chris Weekes
31 March 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Gouzeaucourt New British Cemetery, Grand Ravine British Cemetery (Havrincourt) Chris Weekes
30 March 2017 War Graves Overseas, - Chapel Corner Cemetery (Sauchy-Lestree), Fifteen Ravine British Cemetery (Villers-Plouich), Flesquieres Hill British Cemetery Chris Weekes
26 March 2017 War Grave, - Moor Allerton (St. John) Churchyard
War Memorial, - Moor Allerton (Leeds)
Richard Roberts
24 March 2017 War Grave, - Linton-in-Craven (St. Michael) Churchyard Richard Roberts
23 March 2017 War Grave. - Skipton (Waltonwrays) Cemetery Richard Roberts
21 March 2017 War Grave, - Rotherham (Moorgate) Cemetery Richard Roberts
20 March 2017 War Memorial, - Windermere (Cumbria) Richard Roberts
19 March 2017 War Graves, - Skelton Cemetery Dimitrios Corcodilos
18 March 2017 War Memorial, - Easington (All Saints) Churchyard - North Yorkshire Dimitrios Corcodilos
17 March 2017 War Memorials, - Christ's Hospital School (Horsham), Wanstead (Greater London) Richard Roberts
16 March 2017 War Memorials, - Stoke Newington (London), Seaton Carew (Hartlepool), - Holy Trinity Church,
Leytonstone (Greater London), - St. Andrew's Church
Richard Roberts

Edward Nicholl
15 March 2015 War Memorial, - Barrow-in-Furness Richard Roberts
11 March 2017 Individual Photos, - James, Robert, and Thomas Rymer
War Memorial (additional information), - Buxton
War Memorial, - Rugby School
Steven Robinson
Richard Roberts
10 March 2017 War Memorial, - Bolckow, Vaughan & Company Ltd (Panel 1) Richard Roberts
4 March 2017 War Graves, - Hutton Buscel (St. Matthew) Churchyard, St Pancras Cemetery Richard Roberts
3 March 2017 War Graves Overseas. - Rethel French National Cemetery Richard Roberts
27 February 2017 War Memorials, - Limehouse (London) - St. Anne's Church, Westminster Cathedral Richard Roberts
24 February 2017 War Memorial, - Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (All Saints) Cemetery
War Graves Overseas (ROW), - Murmansk New British Cemetery
Richard Roberts
23 February 2017 War Memorial, - Old Ford (London) - St. Paul with St. Mark's Church Richard Roberts
15 January 2017 War Memorial, - Bolckow, Vaughan & Company Ltd (Panel 2), Bolckow, Vaughan & Company Ltd (Panel 3), & Bolckow, Vaughan & Company Ltd (Panel 4) Bolckow / Richard Roberts
13 January 2017 War Memorial, - Hexham (Northumberland), Preston (Lancs) - St. Ignatius Church Richard Roberts
12 January 2017 War Memorial, - Middlesbrough (Smiths Dock), - Teesside Offshore Base, Middlesbrough - St. Barnabas' Church Bolckow
10 January 2017 War Memorials, - Rendham (Suffolk) - Congregational Church, Preston (Lancs) - Harris Muuseum & Art Gallery, Golcar (Kirklees) - Central Liberal Club Richard Roberts
9 January 2017 War Memorials, - Great Ayton (Waterfall Park), Middlesbrough (Jewish Synagogue), Middlesbrough (Riverside Stadium) Richard Roberts
5 January 2017 War Memorial, - Newcastle-upon-Tyne (St. Nicholas) Cemetery
War Grave, - Tynemouth (Preston) Cemetery - addition
4 January 2017 War Memorials, - Blaydon (Gateshead, Tyne and Wear), MIddlesbrough - All Saints' Church (Gjers Mill Ironworks), Tickton (East Yorks), Pakenham (Suffolk) - St. Mary's Church Richard Roberts
3 January 2017 War Graves, - Brookwood Cemetery, Lemington Cemetery Richard Roberts

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