Remembrance - The Yorkshire Regiment, First World War
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This website started as a spin-off from an educational website on First World War studies that was set up with the Green Howards Museum. That particular website was designed to help schoolchildren discover something about the technology of warfare, and how it affected people's lives, in the First World War. Part of the website was aimed at showing the terrible human cost of warfare.
Unfortunately, this particular educational website is no longer in existence.

However, at the same time, the Beck Isle Museum in Pickering were compiling a database of men from the the North of Yorkshire who fought and died in the First World War as part of the Beck Isle Museum Great War Project. This database and memorials recording project was designed and established by Roger Dowson with funding support from the Sharing Museum Skills Millenniun Awards Fund and with assistance from Creative Minds. Roger Dowson worked on secondment to the Beck Isle Museum from the Fusiliers Museum, Lancashire who also supported the project idea.

The Beck Isle Museum kindly allowed us to have access to their database of names of men of the Yorkshire Regiment who were killed in the First World War and whose names are recorded on North Yorkshire memorials. The use of the Beck Isle Museum data was very much a stepping stone to get this website off the ground. However, the data in that project has been superceded by subsequent data gathered for this website.