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The first page to access if looking for the name of a man who served with the Yorkshire Regiment is the database of all names of soldiers for whom there is data on this website. The database provides information on the memorials and/or places of burial for each named soldier.

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However, this website has PLENTY of other information on the men who served with the Yorkshire Regiment in the First World War. There are other pages, below, which you may also like to browse.

This list has been prepared by searching through "Soldiers Died in the Great War", and extracting the details of each Officer of the Yorkshire Regiment held on the CD-ROM. The results are presented as an Adobe PDF file (105K file size).

Biographies and Data by Robert Coulson. Biographical data on over 450 Officers of the Yorkshire Regiment who lost their lives in the First World War. The data was prepared over many months by Robert Coulson.

A book in the Green Howards Museum records the Roll of Honour for all Officers and Men who arrived in Belgium in October 1914. The names of over 1000 Officers and Men are recorded.

Soldiers of the Yorkshire Regiment who were awarded the Victoria Cross in the First World War.

The book "Shot At Dawn" by Julian Putkowski and Julian Sykes (Leo Cooper, Pen and Sword Books) lists some 350 men executed between 4 August 1914 and 31 March 1920. These men were those where the death sentence had been carried out, from the 3,080 sentenced to death under the Army Act between those dates.

3 soldiers who served in the Yorkshire Regiment were executed.

Stan Grosvenor has forwarded 5 pages from the Skelton Parish Magazine of 1914 which lists the men of Skelton and Boosbeck who were serving in the Armed Forces at the time. The names of the men are presented along with their addresses, and the regiments / ships etc. that they were serving in. The pages are presented as an Adobe PDF file.

This website has attempted to show photographs of as many as possible of the memorials and graves of those who served with Yorkshire Regiment in the First World War and who lost their lives. For those soldiers known to have served with the Yorkshire Regiment but whose memorials and / or graves have not been visited and photographed, their details are shown on the linked pages.

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