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Large numbers of men from the North Riding of Yorkshire were in the Territorial Battalions at the outbreak of War. Similarly, large numbers of men from the North Riding of Yorkshire volunteered on the outbreak, and continued to be recruited from this area as the war progressed. Certainly, the Yorkshire Regiment regarded its main recruiting area as being from the North Riding.

However, although many of the soldiers commemorated on this website may have come from this area, other soldiers of the Yorkshire Regiment came from every part of the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands and some even came from overseas. Their memorial commemorations can thus be found throughout the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands, as well as in Europe and further afield.

The memorials commemorating men of the Yorkshire Regiment are shown on this website in one of three groups, - "North Yorkshire Memorials", "Elsewhere in the UK and Channel Islands Memorials", and "Overseas War Memorials".

On the website, "North Yorkshire" (*) has been used for grouping, rather than "North Riding of Yorkshire". For an explanation of the term "North Yorkshire" (*), please see below.

North Yorkshire War Memorials
War Memorials Elsewhere in the UK
War Memorials Overseas

If YOU can provide us with photographs of ANY War Memorials which include the names of men of the Yorkshire Regiment, we will place them on these web pages and fully credit the person who supplied them. Please contact us if you have records of any such Memorials.

(*) North Yorkshire

The area defined by "North Yorkshire" is that as found when searching for a place name using Memory Map software incorporating the 1 : 50,000 Ordnance Survey map of Great Britain. The found place names may previously have been in the North Riding of Yorkshire, as shown in the list on the GENUKI website, but not neccessarily so.

There are some anomalous place names included in "North Yorkshire". Some examples are shown below;-
MIddlesbrough, - was originally in the North Riding of Yorkshire but is now a unitary authority.
Cotherstone, Romaldkirk, - a few of the villages that used to be in the North Riding of Yorkshire but after county boundary changes were moved to County Durham. On this website, they are included in the "North Yorkshire" grouping.